Leader in Thin Film Application

From the old art of rust bluing to modern thin-film ceramics, there are endless options to protect your firearm. We’ve done the former, and now have perfected the latter. Thousands of firearms have passed through our shop, and Cerakote is the absolute toughest finish we recommend. When a firearm comes back for maintenance or cleaning after an African safari or sub-zero Arctic hunt, we get the unique opportunity to see how Cerakote performs in the real world. Lab tests can bring good data, but there is nothing like real,¬†hard use in extreme environments. After seeing the results, we only use Cerakote: the leader in thin film coatings.


Cerakote Done Right

We are proud to be double-trained in the application of Cerakote by NIC Industries Inc. Through their factory training and certification process, we combine their techniques and experience with our own craftsmanship to bring you the best possible quality coatings.