Paladin Coatings Limited AR Sale

Paladin Coatings has upgraded a limited run of DPMS AR-15 rifles chambered in 5.56 NATO.  All of them have been cerakoted with a variety of custom designs.  These rifles just need optics or iron sights and they are ready for the range!

Featured rifles have been upgraded with magpul 6-position adjustable Stocks and the factory handguards have been replaced with Matrix Arms key-mod handguards. Not only does this make these rifles more aesthetically pleasing, it also cuts the weight down allowing for more range time and less muscle fatigue. The factory DPMS barrels are 1:9” twist. Recoil is minimal in the 5.56 NATO which makes it a great cartridge for the whole family to shoot, and costs less than most center-fire rounds. Rifles may be used as a hunting rifle, for recreational shooting, or 2/3 gun Competitions.  Versatility is not a concern.  

This is a ONE TIME SALE. There are a limited number of rifles, once they are gone, they are gone!  Call us today to take ownership of one!

Gold Cerakote with Graphite Black Accents

“Gold and Black”

$1499 $999

Thin Lines


“First Responders”

$1499 $999

Full Custom Sci-fi theme

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“Star Battle”

$1899 $1399

Pastel Purple, Smiths Grey and

Graphite Black

“Pastel Purple”

$1499 $999

Blackout Elite with Gold Barrel

S&W Red Accents

“Blackout and Gold”

$1499 SOLD!

Sci-fi theme with Battleworn finish

“Wrong Side of Right”

$1499 SOLD!

Battleworn OD Green/ Benneli Sand

WWII Tank Theme

“WWII Tank”

$1499 SOLD!

Highlander Kryptek


$1499 SOLD!

Post-Apocalyptic Battleworn

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“Mad Max”

$1499 SOLD!