Desert Tech SRS in Danish M/84

A little while ago, a good friend in Washington state shipped us a fun project - A Desert Tech SRS Covert. He wanted Danish M/84 Urban Camouflage, and we think it turned out awesome.


We are big fans of different camouflage patterns here, and M84 is one of my absolute favorites. M84 is a derivative of the German Flecktarn, another favorite. 

M84 camouflage pattern

M84 camouflage pattern

The Desert Tech SRS rifle itself is a marvel of modern engineering, and the first bullpup design we have seen with a good trigger on it. This particular rifle had a 2 1/2 lb. trigger with virtually no creep - a miracle on a bullpup rifle where the fire control group is so far from the actual firing pin. 


We did have to pay attention to some of the tight tolerances on the SRS. The bolt shroud fits extremely close to the bolt, and for proper movement we had to remove the Cerakote on the inside of the bolt for proper function. Other than that, the rest of the rifle functions flawlessly. 


This M84 camo turned out super clean. We are looking forward to doing more Flecktarn variants and other exotic camouflage patterns!