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We Want to Hear From You!

Most of our customers come into our shop or call us on the phone. We are a full custom shop: we want to take the time to collaborate with you on your project. We can also do orders by email, although we do request a phone call for custom orders. If you email us, we can usually get back to you within 2-5 business days, but feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

Come by the shop sometime! Please email or call for appointments.

Phone: 830-608-0402


Address: 5726 SAFARI DRIVE

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It is perfectly legal for you to ship a firearm that you already own, to us for service. You do not have to ship through a dealer. You can ship your firearm via UPS, Federal Express, or US Postal Service. You do not have to ship using an Air service. You can ship Ground. If you have a UPS or Federal Express account, you can ship the firearm with your normal outgoing shipments with a signature required.

If you are going to take your firearm somewhere to be shipped, there are some differences in procedure.

  • UPS may require that you take the firearm to a main hub.

  • Federal Express will usually ship from any of their counters.

  • The US Post Office will ship Priority Mail with insurance.

We recommend that you put the firearm in a plastic gun case and put the case in a box. make sure there is no loose items in your case to avoid damages during transit.

Do not include any ammunition with your firearm as this is illegal.

We have never had a theft issue with any shipper, so locks on your case are not needed. We do recommend taping or strapping the case shut so the latches cannot open while in transit.

Regardless of which shipping method you use, make certain that you have printed and completely filled out our Work Order Form from this web site and include it with your firearm.